How It Works

It's Really Simple

Order Your Food

Pick your food and drinks from the Menu. Enter your information on the checkout page, if you have been ordering from us before, simply login. Then just sit back and relax for a few minutes.

We Bake & Cook

Your order will be processed, created and delivered and you will be notified in real time per email at each step. You can even follow your food via GPS on a map to your front door.

FREE Delivery

Your food is delivered for FREE in central/east Da Nang (map on menu). Delivery times can vary depending on where you live, but we usually deliver within 45min in central Da Nang.

Pay Online or in Cash

At checkout, simply choose how you'd like to pay. Either with Cash on Delivery or with Credit Card directly on the site. We support all major credit cards through Stripe Secure Payment.

Quality, Quality & Quality

We do what we say, live like we learn and eat what we make.

We are only satisfied with the best and most fresh vegetables on the market. We go through great lenghts to get most organic and eco-friendly produce as possible.

If quality is important to you, you have come to the right place.

Freshly Baked Tortillas

We just love our Tortillas.

They are simple, beautiful and very quick to do, but probably one of the most versatile breads in the world. We make a tortilla from scratch in 5 minutes.

We love them so much so we framed one of them and put it on the wall.

Lovely Mexican Spices

Fear not, our Amazing Menu is child friendly.

We of course use a tinge of chili but our focus is not on hot & spicy, it's crafting a perfect balance between the chili, cumin, garlic, pepper & the oregano.

If you haven't tried a Mexican spice mix before, we are sure you will love it.

Juicy Delicious Meat

Our food would not be complete without the meat to bind the flavors of the spices.

Our ground beef is the core of the menu, together with the Soure Cream it gives our food it's special taste and texture.

All ingredients above are fantastic on their own, but combined to form an Amazing Taco, Burrito or Nachos, they are heavenlike.

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