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Take Away Food

The concept of prepared meals to be eaten elsewhere dates back to antiquity. Market and roadside stalls selling food were common in both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. In Pompeii, archaeologists have found a number of thermopolia. These were service counters, opening onto the street, which provided food to be taken away and eaten elsewhere. There is a distinct lack of formal dining and kitchen area in Pompeian homes, which may suggest that eating, or at least cooking, at home was unusual. Over 200 thermopolia have been found in the ruins of Pompeii.

Take Away Food has Many Names

Take-out or takeout (in North America); also carry-out (in U.S. and Scotland); take-away (in the United Kingdom other than Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Ireland), parcel (in Indian English and Pakistani English), refers to prepared meals or other food items, purchased at a restaurant, that the purchaser intends to eat elsewhere.

Da Nang

Da Nang came in 43rd on the New York Times’ “52 places to go in 2015.”
“For the last couple of decades, Da Nang, on the central coast of Vietnam, has been the place travelers flew into to get to historic Hoi An, a UNESCO-protected but tourist-swarmed neighbor 20 miles to the south,” the newspaper said.
“But this city of almost a million people has become a worthy destination in its own right. After an airport expansion in 2011, resorts began popping up along the coast,” it continued.
The newspaper called the town’s long, sandy beaches and kiosks selling banh mi sandwiches overflowing with pork and pickled papaya and fresh herbs “Da Nang’s charms”.