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Take Out Food

Take-out food can be purchased from restaurants that also provide sit-down table service or from establishments specialising in food to be taken away. Providing a take-out service often saves business operators having to spend money on things like cutlery, crockery and wages for servers and hosts; it also means that a large number of customers can be served in a relatively short amount of time, compared to a traditional dine-in restaurant.

Although once popular in Europe and America, street food has declined in popularity. In part, this can be attributed to a combination of the proliferation of specialized takeaway restaurants and legislation relating to health and safety. Vendors selling street food are still common in parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, with the annual turnover of street food vendors in Bangladesh and Thailand being described as particularly important to the local economy. Take out food is still on the rise though.

Da Nang

Since Da Nang is on the rise in terms of development in both tourism and daily life, the city itself is worth for a try for new visitors. So if you still have no idea where to go and what to do in Da Nang and vice versa, here are the top 4 recommendations for you to put on your list.

Ba Na Hills:

Located 25 kilometers away from Da Nang, Ba Na Hills is a gift of nature. It’s stated as “The Green Lungs” of the middle of Vietnam and “The Weather Gem” of Vietnam as a whole for its freshness and coolness of the air when visitors go up to the mountains by cable cars.

Ba Na Hills has everything to offer, you seem to get lost once you go up to spot the sceneries by cable cars, it makes you forget for a while that reality is not real. For each of the destination, visitors have a variety of selections to explore: the wine cellar, the garden, theme park and the restaurants/cafes for refreshment after a long adventure. If you wish to linger in Ba Na a little longer, you can choose to stay at the hotels as they do provide hotel services up on the mountain.

Son Tra Peninsula:

If you’re in search of real beauty of nature, then look out for Son Tra Peninsula, also known as The Monkey Mountain. Son Tra is one of the places that still own habitats for different species, especially the monkeys. You can travel up to the peninsula by motorbikes or cars, from there just let yourself let loose and embrace its own beauty. A hint for you, if you go up a little bit more, you can take a glimpse of a banyan tree that has been there for almost 1000 years, and hear stories about its existence told by the locals. I got a bit of chills after hearing those, worth a trip!

Sun Wheel:

This has to be one of the biggest wheels in Vietnam, remember that feeling of taking a ride on the ferries wheel and take a look at the city at night? Here in Da Nang, the Sun Wheel is a whole new experience. The one-time cost is 50k/person, so step up and enjoys the romantic view of Da Nang, as it goes slow enough for you to breath in the beauty of the city.