Taco Da Nang


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Taco Da Nang

The history of the taco

In this Smithsonian interview, University of Minnesota history professor Jeffrey Pilcher drops serious knowledge on the history of tacos. Among other bits of taco trivia, Pilcher, author of the forthcoming book Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food, roughly disabuses us of the lie spread by Glen Bell (of Taco Bell) that Bell invented the hard shell.

What made the fast-food taco possible? The fast-food taco is a product of something called the “taco shell,” a tortilla that has been pre-fried into that characteristic U-shape. If you read Glen Bell’s authorized biography, he says he invented the taco shell in the 1950s, and that it was his technological breakthrough. Mexicans were cooking tacos to order — fresh — and Glen Bell, by making then ahead, was able to serve them faster. But when I went into the U.S. patent office records, I found the original patents for making taco shells were awarded in the 1940s to Mexican restaurateurs, not to Glen Bell.

Pilcher’s other books include editing The Oxford Handbook of Food History, and writing The Sausage Rebellion: Public Health, Private Enterprise, and Meat in Mexico City, 1890-1917 and Que vivan los tamales! Food and the Making of Mexican Identity. The Sausage Rebellion indeed.

Tourism opportunities in Da Nang

The Da Nang Department of Sports, Culture and Tourism expects the bridge to draw 3 million visitors to the city this year.
As the de facto capital of Vietnam’s central coast and one of the country’s rising economic success stories, Da Nang is spending big on infrastructure to bring in tourism dollars.
It’s positioning itself as a MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) hub and as the gateway to the historically rich and scenic central coast region, which includes the tourist town of Hoi An to the south.
As the city has developed, its interconnectedness has improved and the two banks of the Han are increasingly linked by a network of bridges.
All are impressive structures, but none match the Dragon Bridge’s inventiveness.
“The Dragon Bridge has been the crowning achievement in the city’s bridge program,” Nick Ivanoff, president of Ammann & Whitney, one of the key companies involved in the bridge’s creation, tells CNN. “City officials have said it will likely become the new symbol of Da Nang.”